The Principles

Coffee beans are like little, hard sponges that absorb odors into their little cells, which also contain the aromatic oils we love.  The basic principles of keeping roasted coffee fresh are to keep your coffee away from:

  1. Moisture
  2. Heat
  3. Direct Sunlight
  4. Oxygen (as much as possible)
  5. Odors

A well-sealed, opaque container of coffee on your pantry shelf is probably the best way to store your coffee, once it has been opened.  

Freezer or Fridge

If you take your coffee out of the freezer or refrigerator every day, you expose the coffee beans to the moisture of condensation, which then is sealed into the bag and can make your brew taste like cardboard pretty quickly.  Odors also abound in fridges and freezers.  

It is all right, though, to freeze well-protected, unopened packs of whole beans for up to a month. When you remove the frozen beans, let them warm to room temperature in your pantry first, then grind and brew within two weeks, as you do with fresh coffee.

Nitrogen Packing

Your Purity Coffee is packed in a resistant, zip-locking bag that is heat sealed with nitrogen on the same day it is roasted.  Nitrogen is puffed into the bag before sealing to displace the oxygen that stales coffee.  Our opinion is that Purity Coffee will stay fresh tasting for about 10 months, when packed with nitrogen. 

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