Finding the right product

All of our products can be found under the Shop menu drop down in the top right section of our homepage:

Here are direct links to our various products for quick viewing:

Whole Bean Coffee 12oz Bag
Whole Bean Coffee 5lb Bag
Whole Bean Coffee Subscriptions

Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee 12oz Bag
Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee 5lb Bag
Decaffeinated Whole Bean Coffee Subscriptions

Prepaid Whole Bean Coffee Subscriptions (Includes decaf options)

Purity Coffee Pods
Purity Coffee Pod Subscriptions
Purity Coffee Pod Prepaid Subscriptions

Adding items to the cart 

Once you've found the product you're interested in, you can select the quantity by adjusting the number above the Add to cart button:

Coffee pod and subscription pages will also or instead have a quantity drop down:

Once you have selected the quantity you want, click the Add to cart towards the bottom as shown in the first screenshot of this section. You will then get this notification at the top of your screen:

If you have placed all the items you want in your cart, you can continue to your cart with the View cart button in the notification or by clicking the cart icon in the top right portion of your screen:

Your shopping cart

The shopping cart page allows you to make adjustments to your cart items, apply a coupon, and view your totals after coupons and shipping are applied:

Once you are happy with your cart, you can continue by clicking the Proceed to checkout button at the bottom.


This is the final page of the order process. Here you will need to enter your billing address and payment information to complete the order. You also have the option of entering a coupon here as well if you didn't on the previous page:

Additionally, you can designate a different shipping address if you would like to ship to a different location than your billing address. This option is found at the bottom of the billing address fields:

Once all information has been entered and all required fields filled out, you have the option of paying with credit card or PayPal:

If paying with PayPal, clicking the Proceed to PayPal button will take you offsite to log in at PayPal and complete your order there. If paying with credit card, you will be prompted to enter your information:

Upon clicking Place order, your order will be completed and you will be taken to the following order receipt screen:

Your order is complete! You will also receive an order confirmation in your email. 

If this was your first purchase and you chose to make an account instead of checking out as a guest, you will also receive an email with an automatically generated password for the account you created. Please be sure to use that account for any future orders. Thanks for buying Purity!

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