To cancel or suspend your subscription, you need to visit your account page and then click on the subscriptions tab to see your active subscriptions. If you only have one subscription, you will be taken directly to that subscription's page. If you have multiple subscriptions, the next page should look like this:

To view a subscription, click the "View" button circled above in red. You will be taken to a page with information about your subscription and actions you can take with your subscription. At the top of this page will be the section containing the cancel and suspend options.

Clicking the "Suspend" action will put your subscription on hold and prevent it from billing you further until you return to this page and click the "Resume" option (which should appear in place of "Suspend" if your subscription is on hold).

Clicking the "Cancel" option will bring up a prompt asking you to confirm cancellation, and once your subscription is canceled it cannot be reactivated.

If you think you may want to resume your subscription in the future, please use the "Suspend" option instead of the "Cancel" option. Canceling your subscription will require you to sign up for a new subscription if you wish to become a member again in the future.

You may also request changes to your subscription through our customer support by emailing or using the chat window on the bottom right of your screen. 

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